The Spice Shelf products are free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavours. They are made from natural ingredients and are all gluten free.

Red Curry Paste 100g

A medium heat curry that is as aromatic as it is flavoursome. Raw red chillis, fresh lemongrass, garlic, onion, coriander and kaffir lime leaves combine to give a beautiful dish.
One packet serves 4 people

Green Curry Paste 100g

With a high concentration of fresh green chillis, this dish is for connoisseurs who like their food ‘hot.’ Add some bright coloured vegetables and prawns or chicken and your guests are going to be impressed.
One packet serves 4 people.

Vindaloo Curry Paste 120g

For a hearty, wholesome meal with plenty of heat, the Spice Shelf’s Vindaloo curry is the choice. Slow cooked with meat and tomatoes, this dish is a ‘must have’ for winter.
One packet serves 4-6 people.

Bombay Curry mix  60g

If you are looking for an ‘all rounder’ that will suit those who are a bit shy when it comes to curries, the Bombay Curry will fit the bill. The Bombay curry is made with a delicate blend of dry spices.
One packet makes 2 meals for 4 people (8 serves)

Panang Curry Paste 80g

A medium-hot curry which incorporates the fresh Thai flavours of lemon grass, lime and red chillis combined with finely ground peanuts.
One packet serves 4-6 people.

Mild Mallee Lamb 66g

Mild Mallee Lamb is a subtle, aromatic curry without
the 'sting', making it a great all-rounder and perfect for non-curry eaters.
One packet makes 2 meals for 5 people (10 serves).

Riverina Creamy Butter Chicken 33g and 66g

A mild, slightly sweet curry, the Riverina Creamy Butter Chicken will appeal to the whole family.
The small packet makes one meal for 4-5 people and the larger one makes twice this amount.

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